Ghana: Richard Appiah Akoto, discovered by Microsoft after using a blackboard to explain computers to his students

Richard Appiah Akoto, a teacher in Ghana, has used his imagination to teach his students the secrets of Microsoft Word. With just a blackboard and a talent for drawing, he drew the computer application on his blackboard. Teaching kids how to use a computer is hard enough already, but doing it without any computers is…

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uniRank top 30 African Universities for 2017

UniRank, the international higher education directory reviewing accredited Universities and Colleges in the world, recently provided its 2017 top 200 best African universities. UniRank™ includes 12,358 Colleges and Universities, ranked by web popularity, in 200 countries. In this 2017 ranking, South African Universities are at the top, followed by Kenya's University of Nairobi and Egypt (The American University…

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MGCubed offers quality education using solar technology and connected satellite computers in rural classes

In order to address the many barriers faced by many school-aged girls in sub-Saharan Africa, namely lack of teachers, domestic work, Gems education Solutions (an international education company) created MGCubed, Platform that offers quality distance education using solar technology and satellite computers connected in rural classes. Teaching responsibilities are placed in the hands of six…

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