With “Kissoro Tribal Game” Teddy Kossoko wants to promote African history and cultures

On Saturday, February 17, 2018, the young Central African entrepreneur Teddy Kossoko launched “Kissoro Tribal Game”, a video game that aims to promote African history and cultures.

Teddy Kossoko created “Kissoro Tribal Game”, inspired by the traditional Central African board game called Kissoro, one of the oldest games in the world, equivalent of chess, or known elsewhere in Africa under the name Awale or Mancala …

Who is Teddy Kossoko?

Originally from Central Africa, Teddy Kossoko arrived in Toulouse in 2012 to pursue higher education. A computer developer of 23, and a graduate in Applied Informatics and Business Management (MIAGE), Teddy KOSSOKO started the project in 2015. The goal was to “validate IT skills but above all to highlight the Central African culture, promote peace, share this culture with the world and send a message to the African youth to innovate. In two years, (…) the project has grown to become what today stands as a reference in African game material on smartphones. ”

The kissoro
“The kissoro is a seeding game, which requires strategy and memory capacity. It ressemble the game of chess. It is found in various African countries, but also in Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. ”

In addition to the traditional board game, Teddy Kossoko has included a whole world around Kissoro. For this, different game modes have been integrated into the application. Here are some game modes available:

  • The classic mode, which allows to play with the ancestral rules
  • The campaign mode that allows the player to embody a character and help him save his kingdom. He  added a bit of luck for more pep
  • Conquest mode, which allows the player to conquer areas with his team
  • The quest mode to win gold coins
  • The general culture mode where he talks about the characters of the game

Historical figures such as the Carthaginian general Hannibal or the powerful and wealthy. Malian emperor of the fourteenth century Kankou Moussa can be seen in Kissoro Tribal Game.

Teddy Kossoko has just opened at Toulouse Masseka Game Studio, “the first gaming studio based on African universes, such as myths, legends or famous characters, out of Africa. ”

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Author: Gova-Media