Recycle old phones to save African gorillas

Lorraine Ateliers, in partnership with the Amnéville Zoo (France), collects old smartphones to recover coltan, a mineral whose exploitation threatens gorillas in Africa.

Coltan, a mineral used in the manufacture of smart phones, is extracted from the soil of the gorilla habitat, shaving the forests, depriving them of their environment and contributing to their disappearance. These extractions therefore threaten the life of primates.

To counter this situation, adapted company (EA) Lorraine Ateliers, located in Rombas (Moselle), launched an operation in partnership with the Amnéville Zoo, Wednesday, April 25, 2018. They aspire to recycle old laptops for save gorillas from Congo and Gabon.

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, we saw giant cardboard mobile phones filled with hay and fines, deposited in the Amnéville Zoo, to educate its visitors on the recycling of mobile phones.

The phones harvested by the Amnéville Zoo are entrusted to Lorraine Atelier, a company that deals with recycling. The least damaged laptops are repaired and put back on sale.
So by recycling these phones, have helped reduce the number of gorillas killed, and shaved forests.

Sources:  Actu France & France Bleu


Author: Gova-Media