Tanya Muzinda: The 12 years old Zimbabwe female motocross champion

At just 12 years alo, young Tanya Muzinda is already an accomplished motocross rider and the first ever female motocross champion in Zimbabwe.

Falling in love with motocross

“Tanya is the oldest child of the Muzinda family. Her family is the first generation to have permanently moved from the village into the city of Harare,  Zimbabwe. First girl of her family to go to school, Tanya showed a talent in sport since a young age.”

“When Tanya was 5, a friend of her father’s invited the family to Harare’s Donnybrook Raceway. Tanya’s father allowed her to try motocross, and Tanya, who already raced go-carts, instantly fell in love. ”

“Her dad reached out to motocross legend Stefy Bau to have a chance for Tanya to have the best mentor she can have. Stefy traveled to Zimbabwe in December 2013 and a life long friendship was born. Stefy coached Tanya for 2 weeks and Tanya placed second in her first competition. She became the first Zimbabwean girl to win a local motocross championship.”

Tanya Muzinda — The Standard
Tanya Muzinda — The Standard

“Through Stefy Bau, Muzinda toured Europe in 2016 where she met world champion, Tony Cairoli. She participated in the Italian Motocross Championship, where she competed against top junior and senior female riders from Europe.”

“In 2015 she was awarded Junior Sportswoman and Junior Sportsperson of the Year at Zimbabwe’s National Sports Awards.”

Tanya Muzinda
Tanya Muzinda

In that same year, Muzinda was made Sportswoman of the Year by Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards in Birmingham, England.

Tanya Muzinda - #QBP2018ZW
Tanya Muzinda – #QBP2018ZW

“The young genius also becomes the second Zimbabwean to attend Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebrations this year after UK-based 16-year-old music sensation Donel Mangena.”

Thanks to Tanya, more and more people are getting enticed to motocross in Zimbabwe. She wants to become the first women’s motocross world champion from Africa!


A Rising Motocross Star

Sources: Face2FaceAfrica & Tanyamuzinda


Author: Gova-Media