Ethiopia and Eritrea have declared end of war and renew diplomatic ties

The state of war that existed between Ethiopia and Eritrea has now come to an end. Former sworn enemies Monday signed an agreement to end 20 years of war between them.

This week Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed visited neighboring Eritrea, to be greeted by president Isaias Afwerki. After talks the president and prime minister signed a declaration, restoring diplomatic relations and normal ties between the countries.

What caused the original “no war, no peace” state?

The two countries have been in a state of  “no war, no peace” since 2000, after a peace deal ended a war that made thousands of casualties.

“A border commission set up under the peace agreement ruled that the town of Badme, the flashpoint for the conflict, was part of Eritrea, but Ethiopia refused to accept this and so normal relations were never resumed.The rivalry affected the whole region of the Horn of Africa with each country always opposing each other.”

A map showing Ethiopia and Eritrea
There are many issues that have to be resolved before relations between the two countries can be returned to normal. We really hope to enter a new era of peace and prosperity from which the entire region would benefit.

Sources: CNN & BBC


Author: Gova-Media