Uganda: Jay Z expands his music empire in Africa with Tidal

In partnership with South African telecommunications company MTN, Tidal, a US based music streaming service founded by Jay Z, has officially started its business in Kampala, Uganda.

Tidal, the music and video streaming platform, has since 22 August 2018, launched in its second African country (after South Africa), in partnership with the mobile and fixed telecommunications firm MTN.

How is that good news for Uganda ?

“Through this partnership, the streaming service will have access to 10.5 million Ugandan MTN subscribers who will receive a variety of options for a data-inclusive Tidal membership as part of their mobile plan. Tidal subscribers will gain access to the exclusive, high-quality streaming of music, videos, concerts and more available on the platform.”

Tidal will not only make its vast catalogue available to MTN users but it will also host local music in collaboration with local musicians.

Why Jay-Z chose to invest in Uganda and Nigeria

Tidal has partnered with telecommunications company MTN to launch in Uganda, before heading to Nigeria.

“According to Tidal bosses quoted by Billboard, the two countries were chosen as launch pads because of their youthful population. Approximately 78% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 30, with Nigeria slightly higher at approximately 83%.”

Source: Allafrica


Author: Gova-Media